April 21, 2010

A brush with Petits Four

Those darned little cakes, so small and so beautiful - decorated with all manner of things from royal icing to fondant to cachous.  You know what?  I really don't like them, even after giving them a second chance.

My first encounter with making petits four (meaning small oven - don't ask me why) was for my uncle's birthday last year.  Mum and I were going to make a cake, and hey, bakerella had posted about petits fours recently!  Let's have a go at that!
If only we knew how full of stress and angst it'd be.

The petits fours turned out great, but when the time came for icing them with poured fondant everything went pear shaped - or should I say messy and blobby?
In the end, they tasted good and looked alright.  However I still harboured a great disliking of petits fours, and just about vowed I'd never make them again.  All right, all right, I did vow I wouldn't make them again.

Yet here I am, vow down the drain with the dirty dishwater from my second ever batch of petits fours.

It was the birthday of one of my Mum's colleagues at her office; he's a podiatrist, and I wanted to make petits fours again.  To make the petits fours, I made some almond flavoured pound cake then sliced the cake into thin slices, piled them with jam in between layers, put marzipan on the top and sliced them into little rectangles.

I was pressed for time, so Mum told me to make royal icing instead of poured fondant.  The problem with this is that royal icing dries to a matte finish, while poured fondant dries shiny.  Oh well.

So, after a messy interlude while the little cakes were covered with royal icing and dried, Mum and I added little designs on the petits fours and they were finally finished.

But, hey, they are pretty cute - especially the feet.  They tasted


  1. So in the end they were yummy?
    They look great XD

  2. Are your petits fours salty ?
    Because what we call "petits fours" in France are salty stuff, like mini-pies or mini-quiches.

  3. @ Melhyria - I didn't know petits fours in France were salty! These ones are sweet cakes.