April 10, 2011


Today I have some cute, colourful cupcakes for you all to see - Puffle cupcakes, in honour of my cousin Alex's birthday.

Puffles are little creatures from Club Penguin, a game which Alex likes.  For his birthday this year, Mum and I made Puffle cupcakes.

We started with a plain vanilla cupcake, then iced the cupcakes with simple buttercream coloured blue, red, green, yellow, purple or orange.  We used so much food colouring, and it was so bright!  It was a little difficult to get the Puffles' pouffy hair to stick up, but we managed it.

We whipped up a batch of royal icing and tinted some black to do the Puffles' eyes.  Mum piped black outlines and the pupils onto baking paper, then after that dried we piped in the white.  When it had all set, we peeled the eyes off the baking paper and stuck them onto the buttercream.

We'd originally planned to use fondant for the eyes, but royal icing worked much better.  For one, it would have been very difficult to get the black outlines right, and then the eyes would end up draped lamely over the buttercream like Dali's melty clocks.

Alex had a fun birthday party, and liked the cupcakes (apparently they were recognisable as Puffles (SCORE!)) so I'm happy.

Happy birthday Alex!


  1. Pity the poor parents who had to deal with children hyped up on sugar and food colouring!

  2. OMG those are the cutest cupcakes eveer!!! I used to <3 club penguin:)

  3. These are great! We are going to try and copy this for our son's birthday party. :) Thanks for the tips.