February 18, 2012


Not just chocolate, but chocolates.

I was in The Chef's Hat with my Mum and we saw these lovely silicone chocolate moulds.  We got one.

Commence the chocolate-making!

I had gianduja and hazelnuts lying around in the cupboard, and an excess of chocolate, so I decided to do gianduja chocolates - something like a Baci.
Mum and I tempered the chocolate (not as traumatising an experience as expected) then painted the edges and bottom of the moulds with it.  Then we plopped a hazelnut in the bottom.  In hindsight, it would have been better to let the first layer of chocolate set, then add another layer so that the outside was thicker.

I let the outside set in the fridge and warmed up the gianduja.

We transferred the gianduja into a Ziploc bag for ease of piping, then filled the moulds almost to the top.

Let them set...then piped some more chocolate on top as the base.

After it hardened a little, I scraped the extra chocolate off the top.

I wasn't totally successful - I probably should've run the palette knife around the sides of the moulds to make sure the edges were cleaner.

However, slightly ratty edges aside, they unmoulded beautifully!

I had a bit of a gleeful fit at this point.

Good news; they tasted amazing.

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