February 20, 2014

Fairy Bread

I am often surprised by how many foods are so well known in Australia and are relatively or completely non-existent overseas.  Tim Tams, for one; Tiny Teddies, Vegemite and the glorious fairy bread.

If you are unfamiliar with fairy bread, it is rainbows, happiness and very easy to make.  It's popular in Australia at children's birthday parties - I made it for my Mum's birthday and we had it for lunch.  (Super nutritious and totally age appropriate, obviously).

All you need for fairy bread are 100s and 1000s (rainbow sprinkles - the more artificial colouring, the better...), fresh white bread and butter/margarine.  Place the sprinkles in a shallow dish, spread the bread with butter, dunk the bread into the sprinkles and cut into shapes of your choosing.  It'd be really cute to use cookie cutters and have fairy bread in hearts and stars!

In all seriousness, fairy bread is fun and delicious - I definitely recommend it for celebratory occasions!

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