March 28, 2013

Hello Kitty Cupcakes (Take Two)

One of the first posts I ever published on this blog was about the Hello Kitty cupcakes that I did for my cousin's birthday.  It remains, to this day, my most popular post.

So, when I had to make some birthday treats to fill an order, I tried my hand at making Hello Kitty cupcakes again.  I used the same cream cheese pound cake recipe as last time...

...but to jazz things up a bit, I poked a frozen raspberry into the middle of each cupcake and then buried it under the batter.

After the cupcakes had baked and cooled completely, I continued by spreading white royal icing over the cakes, attaching the fondant ears and bow and piping royal icing over the join of the bow

After the royal icing had dried, I used an edible ink marker in black to draw Kitty's facial features.

They were just as cute as last time, and happily the birthday recipient was a huge Hello Kitty fan and loved them!

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