March 15, 2013

What cupcakes do you make for podiatrists?

Supplying birthday cakes for a medical clinic is lots of fun, especially when it's a podiatrist's birthday.  I've done little petit four feet before, but these feet cupcakes are cuter (in my opinion) and much, much easier.  I never thought I'd call any feet other than babies' feet cute, but hey.

I used my tried and true vanilla cupcake recipe, levelled the tops off, then spread a circle of white royal icing on with a knife.  Easy.  Then I tinted some royal icing purple (you can use whatever colour you like, but I'd avoid red, because I think that'd make the feet look a bit diseased) and plopped it in a ziplock bag, then cut a hole in the corner and piped some little feet on.

They're so cute, argh.  Just look at their little dotty toes!

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